How To Get Over a Bad Break-up and Find Happiness Again

Break ups can be tough to get over and can take an average 3 to 5 months to get over according to an internet poll.

Mending Broken Hearts Workshop Released a New Online Course that Offers Proven Tips and Strategies for Choosing the Right Partner and Getting Over a Breakup.

The premise behind the creation of the “How to Get Over a Bad Breakup and find Happiness Again” online course is to train the heart to identify the right partner despite what it wants while ensuring people who just encountered heartbreaks find support and healing.

Though the heart wants what it wants, that doesn't mean it cannot be trained. That's the premise on which “How to Get Over a Bad Breakup and find happiness Again,” a new online course was created. It is uniquely crafted by the experts at the Mending Broken Hearts Workshop for people who have just experienced a breakup and are looking for insight into what went wrong and how to make better choices in the future.

The course is designed to show participants how to choose the right mate in the future as it contains tips and strategies for attracting the right mate. Divided into two modules, “How to Get Over a Bad Breakup and find Happiness Again” contains a total of 37 lessons with reflection questions and quizzes. The modules include How to mend a broken heart and How to find true love with course materials ranging from texts, videos, and reflection questions and downloads.

Benefits of taking the “How to Get Over a Bad Breakup and find Happiness Again” course includes:

  • A journey to overcome emotional heartbreak and find true love

  • A guide to letting go of pain and finding freedom

  • A thorough understanding needed to create a successful, long term relationship

  • A real breakthrough in creating lasting change

  • Creating the life and having the love desired.

This course should be taken after a breakup. It dissects a person’s love language, dating patterns, and personal background to understand dating preferences better. Students will access proven strategies and tips for selecting a wonderful mate.

People who experience a breakup go through psychological, emotional, financial, and physical pain, inevitable feelings of loss, rejection, loneliness, and insecurity. With the “How to Get Over a Bad Breakup and find Happiness Again” online course, it is now possible to heal faster and move on from a breakup while being equipped with the necessary tips for choosing a good partner.